Section’s industry-leading edge compute platform enables faster page load times and improves website scalability and security by serving your traffic through a modern and secure optimised global delivery network and caching both static and dynamic content at the edge.

The ability for an application to load pages quickly at any volume of visitors has a direct impact on user experience, bounce rate, page views, and conversion rate. Section’s Edge PaaS not only serves traditional CDN workloads to improve application performance across all devices but goes beyond this by enabling dynamic content caching and HTML streaming at the edge to deliver optimal user experiences.

With its container-based (Docker/Kubernetes) approach to HTTP traffic delivery, the platform includes an extensive library of highly available and highly performant edge compute modules that can be deployed anywhere along the edge continuum, including the ability to build/bring your own edge containers. Modules available on Section include Varnish Cache, OpenResty, image optimisation, bot management, web application firewall (WAF), server-side multivariate testing, virtual waiting room, PageSpeed, Node JS, and other front end optimisation modules. Section operates across the HTTP delivery path from origin to distributed network, is hosting provider-agnostic (cloud, on-premise, self-hosted, …), and has already been proven to address challenges far beyond traditional CDN workloads.

Section is the only website performance, scalability and security solution that gives developers complete code-level control over edge container configuration, testing, and global deployment. With core performance features, including HTTP/2 and Varnish Cache, which can be easily configured to cache both static and dynamic content, Section ensures websites are fast and scalable.

Why you’ll love Section

  1. Improved Performance:  Applications running on the Section platform experience 20-50% improvement in page load times and 97-98% of traffic requests offloaded to the edge. Faster page load times help improve user experience, reduce bounce rates, increase shopping cart conversions, and improve SEO rankings. See how.
  2. Open Choice of Edge Modules:  Section’s containerised platform allows you to choose the edge modules (e.g. WAF, bot blocking, image optimisation, server-side multivariate testing, etc.) that best fit your application’s needs, including an extensive library of open source and best-of-breed industry solutions, along with the ability to build/bring your own module.
  3. Full Development Lifecycle Integration:  Section’s developer-centric edge compute platform is fully backed by modern DevOps principles, allowing developers to configure and test changes before pushing to production. With an API-first approach and version control via git-backed modules, developers enjoy the flexibility and control that the Section platform offers.
  4. Deep Insights:  The Section platform provides deep insights into your application’s performance with comprehensive metrics, logs, and alerting so you always know what’s happening and can continuously optimize.
  5. Improved Efficiency:  Section helps offload your web application traffic to the edge, which frees up resources on your current web servers and ensures that the customer experience is preserved through important peak traffic periods, when existing servers may approach maximum capacity.

Section is the only website performance, scalability, and security solution that gives developers complete, code-level control over edge workload configuration, testing and global deployment. With DevOps-friendly metrics, logs and alerting for ongoing troubleshooting and tuning of selected edge container modules, Section enables developers to run any workload, anywhere for optimal results.

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