Did you know that up to 48%* of online shoppers abandon their shopping cart due to high shipping costs and a lack of delivery options? Or that almost every merchant experiences logistical difficulties with their freight proposition? In the digital space smarter fulfilment leads to conversion optimisation and increased profitability. As we take a look at the formidable combination of Magento 2.0 and the ground-breaking multi-carrier shipping platform Temando, we discover a highly responsive check-out experience that fosters customer loyalty while acknowledging the cruciality of both the product and customer journey.

With the arrival of Magento 2.0 this open-source eCommerce platform, is breathing with increased functionalities and scalability, enhanced business agility and productivity improvements. Coupled with the newly announced Platinum Partner Temando, both the merchant and end user experience is amplified delivering a powerful service integration that includes:

  • Contextual shopping cart experiences that supports customer loyalty and advocacy
  • Guaranteed efficiency with dynamic intelligent fulfilment logic and packaging optimisation
  • A selection of delivery options in the cart developed to support conversion rates
  • Freight and labelling packaging
  • 3-hour delivery for Sydney/Melbourne

Benefits of the Temando, Magento 2.0 Integration

  • With Magento 2.0’s modern, responsive themes and contoured check-out process, your freight and shipping proposition needs to match your customer experience. Deploying the integration of Temando and Magento 2.0 you will have the capability of shipping like Amazon while delivering unique, fully customised online shipping experiences that encourage customer loyalty and profitability
  • Developed to deliver a superior Omni Channel retail strategy for the future, offer engaging instore interfaces, ship-from-store and the convenience of delivery to suit the customer’s needs. Options include timeslot delivery, click and collect and collection points to name but a few.
  • Multi-functional, Temando and Magento 2.0 will create intuitive freight options for businesses of all sizes, from the entrepreneur to small and medium sized enterprise’s all the way through to global enterprise
  • Offers the choice of multiple freight providers
  • Lowers costs of merchandising
  • Intuitive dynamic logic that will assess your freight and shipping needs and suggest the appropriate packaging

With no like for like’ marketplace competitor the Temando and Magento 2.0 integration echoes in an era of commerce innovation that creates superior shipping experiences that will impact your customer’s interaction with your site and brand in a positive way. With various plans available, the team at Balance Internet will collaborate with you to take your business to the next level. Perhaps you have bricks and mortars stores and you’re looking to migrate your business into the Omni Channel with functionality like our click and collect facility, maybe your business receives a large percentage of multi-item orders, requiring the need for Temandos pick slip functionality, regardless of need we can optimise and implement automation based on the site behaviour of your customers.

From Clark Rubber to Wittner Shoes, Fairfax Media and more the team at Balance have a software solution for you. As Melbourne’s leading Magento agency we consult with customers on projects of all sizes and desired outcomes.

Contact us today for a fully customised freight solution on 1300 624 368.