Balance Internet Director’s, James Horne and David Crothers, present their second webinar with Magento.

Driving Conversion by Understanding the Customer’s Moment of Relevance
Feb 13, 2013 | 9:00am AEST

Increasingly customers are going online to research and purchase. There are a large number of simple and effective techniques that can be utilized by online and traditional retailors to maximize sales conversion during these moments. Magento and other third party solutions such as live chat can be effectively combined to significantly increase return on investment. Balance Internet Directors James Horne and David Crothers will explore these techniques to capture the consumers moment of relevance.


  • Understanding the importance of the moment of relevance for a customer
  • Ideas on how to maximise conversion at the moment of relevance
  • How to optimise and configure Magento to achieve greater conversion at the moment of relevance.

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